Why should I migrate from idevaffiliate?

We have migrated to a new Affiliate software - Affise, signing up for the previous one is no longer possible. Fear not - you will not lose your balance and have until the end of 2021 to complete the transition. 

During this time, your old links are still operational and profit is being tracked. However, we encourage all current affiliates to sign up with Affise (you need to create a new account). We strongly recommend replacing your affiliate links with new (Affise) affiliate links ASAP.

Paybis strongly encourages you to start doing so today, since with the new software you:

  • Earn an unprecedented 20% of Paybis profit
  • Have access to more detailed statistics about your conversions
  • Have access to automatic payments - no more waiting in queue for your payout!
  • Get paid in BTC or via Bank Transfer