General info and warnings about Bank Transfers

We only accept Bank Transfers in EUR currency via SEPA payments. Please refer to the list of SEPA countries to see from which countries EUR transfers are accepted.

Bank transfers are available for customers worldwide, except for some restricted locations which we are not able to work with.

I.e., if you are a US citizen willing to send EUR, please make sure your bank has a partner in one of the SEPA countries to proceed with the transaction.


When you start a "Bank Transfer" to a "selected cryptocurrency" transaction, you will find our bank account details. 
Make sure to double-check the information when you make a transfer and please note the following:

- Name and surname on your bank account should match the name and surname on your Paybis account verification document. We cannot accept payments from corporate accounts, friends, relatives, etc.

- When making a bank transfer, it is important to include a comment with the invoice number (i.e. PB180401555TX45). Bank transfers with comments different than invoice numbers might be reversed.

- Cryptocurrency price is not fixed at the moment when you open a transaction. The amount of cryptocurrency will be re-calculated when funds are added to our bank account.


Warning! If your bank transfer is sent using an intermediary SEPA account, please make sure it includes your name and surname + invoice number. We might not be able to process your transaction if it does not include all mandatory data, or we might ask for an official email from your bank to confirm the transfer was really made by you. Please also note that such transfers might take longer than 5 business days to reach us.
We are not able to send SWIFT/BIC refunds, only SEPA. In case you are sending funds from a non-SEPA country, please contact us to make sure we will be able to accept your transaction. We are available 24/7.

Reasons for delays in receiving a SEPA transfer:
- Your bank is performing some AML checks and requested additional information from you.
- You made a transfer on Saturday, but banks send payments only on business days (Monday to Friday).
- Bank holidays in your country, in the partner bank country, etc.
- Your bank transfer is actually made via the SWIFT/BIC network. It doesn’t transfer your money, but it transfers the information of your transaction in the form of a payment order, from bank to bank, until it arrives at our bank account. These payments usually pass through a number of different intermediary banks and can take up to 7 business days. 


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