How much is the total fee for Credit card Payment method ?

                                                               How we calculate the total fee for CC transactions

Kindly note that there are 3 types of fees applied for each transaction. 

1. For the first Credit/Debit card transaction, Paybis does not take its fees. Paybis fee of 2.49% starting from the second credit card transaction will be taken.

2. For all credit/debit card transactions, the minimum payment processing fee is 10 USD or equivalent in your currency, or 4.5% (USD, EUR, and GBP payments), or up to 6.5% for other currencies. Whether it is a minimum or a percentage fee charged depends on the amount you wish to spend.

3. Network fee is charged by the miners for confirming transactions on the blockchain. It varies depending on the market demand for specific cryptocurrencies. It is charged per transaction and does not depend on the amount spent.