My transaction is stuck in "payment pending" status for long. What should I do?

"Payment Pending" status usually implies that a customer has initiated a transaction but has not conducted the payment yet or payment is awaiting approval.

If you see such a status in your Credit/Debit card transaction, that could mean 2 things:

1) Simplex is currently verifying your transaction and we are awaiting their approval

2) You have not submitted your card's details or left the payment page without finishing the payment.
If the latter is the case, we recommend the following steps:
a) start a new transaction using a different browser and/or device;
b) make sure that international and online payments are enabled on your card
c) make sure that transaction amount does not exceed your card's limits
d) check the remaining balance on your card.


But please remember that you can contact our Support Team at any time - we are always here for you!