How much time does verification take?

Usually, verification takes about 15 minutes, but in limited cases may take up to 24 hours. If you have any particular questions about your verification, do not hesitate to contact our Support team via [email protected] or in chat.

Which document can I use for verification?

As our experience shows, using a good quality picture of international passport in most cases guarantees a successful verification of your account. Therefore, we recommend using an international passport for verification. But national ID cards or Driver’s License can also be used. Please note, however, that only documents that have English letters are recognized by our security system.

Do I need to provide proof of address?

For some payment methods you will be required to submit proof of address, yes. The proof can be a utility bill or bank statement that has your name & surname, billing address and is not older than 3 months. However, this requirement applies mainly for SEPA Bank transfers and for transactions for large amounts.

Can I exchange Bitcoin anonymously?

Unfortunately not. Despite the fact that Bitcoin itself is called anonymous currency we ask our customers to identify themselves in order to comply with international AML requirements.

General requirements for document verification

To be able to make an exchange for the most payment method identity verification is required. Identity verification on our website includes document verification. To successfully pass the process you need to provide a high-quality picture of your document, so all information on it would remain clearly visible and easily readable. It is recommended to use a smartphone camera or a scanner to make pictures of your ID for the document verification. Using webcam is not recommended. Black and white...

General requirements for selfie verification

There are 2 different kinds of selfies which may be requested by Paybis. - Selfie with ID - You need to take a photo of yourself holding your document in your hand - We need to be able to read all information on your document - Do not cover any information on your document - Please make sure that your face is clearly visible - Selfie with a handwritten note - You need to take a photo of yourself holding a handwritten note in your hand - We need to be able to rea...