Beware of scam

Due to some features of crypto currencies, such as anonymity and irrevocability of transactions, there are a number of scams and people who use these features to take advantage of someone in different ways.

Below there is provided information about the most popular and the most common scams in the crypto world.

Airbnb scam:

Are you trying to make a rental deposit on Airbnb? Beware of Airbnb scammers. There is a group of people who pose to be Airbnb representatives and are asking to make payments in Bitcoin. They created a phishing website that looks very similar to Airbnb’s website.

However, Airbnb does not accept payments in Bitcoin for property rental. They have their own internal payment processing system.

Forex brokers and account managers:

Are you investing your money in Forex? Are you in touch with a forex broker or an account manager? Do they offer you to make an investment with bitcoins? Before sending them any coins, we would recommend you to find any information about their company on the internet, as most similar companies are scams. Please remember that you cannot trust someone contacting you thorugh Facebook or any other social media sites. Some of the brokers will also ask you to pay “fees” before you can get the “profit”.

We would recommend you to make such search requests as “[Company XXX] review”, “[Company XXX] scam”.

Cloud mining:

Cloud mining can be productive and profitable, but if a mining service asks you to simply send bitcoins to start getting profit, most likely the service is a scam.

Microsoft Technical Support:

Did a Microsoft representative contact you via phone to help you to extend your subscription? Did the person ask you to provide your document in web camera to identify you? You can be sure, that it is scam, Microsoft will never ask you to provide your details in that way.

Referral programs:

Found any service which pays for every registered user under your referral link? Most of these services are scams, some of them may also ask you to pay a “fee” before you will be able to make a withdraw request and as a result, they do not make payouts. Stay away from these services.

Fake 911 calls:

Nowadays there is a new way of scamming. Scammers make fake calls to random people, introduce themselves as representatives of emergency asking people to send money in bitcoins to them for some reason.

PLEASE stay away from them! Emergency will NEVER ask you to send them money, especially in crypto!

Government authorities:

Another popular scam among fraudster is making fake calls or sending fake emails to random people on behalf of Government authorities.

Please remember that government authorities will NEVER ask you to send them in crypto.

If you have received the similar email or had a similar phone talk, we would recommend to contact your local police for more help.

Video games:

Do you enjoy playing online video games? Have you ever had a dream to be the strongest player on your server? Or maybe to be the first one who will visit a new event?
Nowadays there are a lot of people on gaming forums, who offer gamers all this stuff and even more, of course for money, but among the sellers of the stuff there are a lot of scammers! And most of them accept bitcoins only.

So before buying anything we would recommend you to find any feedbacks about your seller.

Third Party scam:

Before ordering something from a service where Bitcoin is accepted, be sure to google some feedbacks about the vendor from whom you are purchasing. There are a lot of marketplaces that not only can send you goods that differs from your order, but even have no intention to send anything at all.

Do not share Your personal information, Government ID or card's credentials over the Internet. Especially, do not show any of this information during Video call - the person on the other end can simply take a screenshot and use your personal information elsewhere.

Beware when someone offers You "Wanna do fast $200?" over the Internet and asks for any of your Personal information. A full set of PII (Personal Identifiable Information) can be bought for as little as $50. Maybe you will earn $200 today, but you will loose much more waking up tomorrow.