Step by Step Guide how to buy Cryptocurrency with your Credit/Debit card

Here are the 5 steps for buying Bitcoin with a credit card or debit card. Keep in mind that the whole process takes less than 15 minutes to complete and here are the steps to help you purchase Bitcoins. Step 1: Create an account at Paybis and start a transaction Select “Bitcoin” on the right-hand side and “Credit/Debit Card” on the left-hand side of the Paybis homepage. Once that’s done, enter an amount you would like to spend or cryptocurrency amount you would to receive. Do not forget ...

My credit/debit card payment was declined, but money is still reserved on my bank account.

If your card has been pre-authorized, but your payment was declined, your money will free up within 48-72 business hours. In rare cases it can take up to 7 business days, but usually it happens faster. If it takes longer than expected, please contact our support team via ( or in live chat.

I am not receiving email from Paybis.

If you are not receiving emails from Paybis, there may be several possible reasons: - You marked a previous Paybis email as spam - Your email provider sent Paybis email into a low priority queue and did not deliver it to your inbox - The email was delivered, but is in your SPAM or Junk folder If you wish to receive Paybis emails again, please contact us via ( or in live chat.

My transaction is stuck in "payment pending" status for long. What should I do?

"Payment Pending" status usually implies that a customer has initiated a transaction but has not conducted the payment yet or payment is awaiting approval. If you see such a status in your Credit/Debit card transaction, that could mean 2 things: 1) Simplex is currently verifying your transaction and we are awaiting their approval 2) You have not submitted your card's details or left the payment page without finishing the payment. If the latter is the case, we recommend the following step...

Can I cancel my transaction?

You can only cancel a transaction if cryptocurrency has not been paid out yet. Remember that all cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible. If you do not see the option to cancel a transaction, please contact our Support team via or in chat.

My transaction is taking longer than expected. What can I do?

If you have any questions regarding your transactions, you can contact our live support team for help. You can either send an email to ( with a description of your problem or you can start a new chat by clicking on the chat button at the bottom-right corner on our website.

Can I request a refund?

Paybis Refund policy ------------------------- Transaction involving Cryptocurrency In case the User changed his mind and would like to return the purchased Cryptocurrency, Paybis would be able to repurchase it base on the current market rate minus the service fee for the transactions. In other words, The User can change the purchased Cryptocurrency for any existing Digital Currency or the Payment method. Transaction transactions that do not involve Cryptocurrencies Refunds are on...