Affiliate program

Do I need Paybis account to start promoting

Not at all! While we would love to have you among our customers, absolutely anyone can become an Affiliate - just follow the instructions here. (

For how long will idevaffiliate links remain operational?

Until the end of 2021, but here ( why you should change to Affise already today!

Should I replace idevaffiliate links with Affise links?

YES! The faster you do so, the earlier you will get access to all the great benefits of using Affise (

Are old idevaffiliate links still operational?

Old idevaffiliate ( links are operational until the end of 2021. Nevertheless, we strongly encourage you to migrate to Affise (, here is why (

Why should I migrate from idevaffiliate?

We have migrated to a new Affiliate software - Affise (, signing up for the previous one is no longer possible. Fear not - you will not lose your balance and have until the end of 2021 to complete the transition. During this time, your old links ( are still operational and profit is being tracked. However, we encourage all current affiliates to sign up with Affise (you need to create a new account (

How do I sign up?

To become our Partner, please click “Sign In / Sign Up” button here ( and fill in a few details for your account. Alternatively, just go to Affise ( provide a few details. Yes, it is that easy!

Which affiliate platform shall I use?

As of now, Paybis uses Affise ( their main affiliate platform, You need to sign up ( beforehand. Please note that your Paybis account is separate from your Affiliate account. If you are still on one of the previously-used platforms (such as idevaffiliate (, you have until the end of 2021 to migrate to Affise and replace your tracking links. Please note that you would need to crea...

Do you have a referral system here?

Yes, we do! Our referral program allows you to earn up to 5% commission from the profit generated by your referrals. You can read more and become a member of our referral program here. (

How to receive an affiliate payout?

Affiliate payouts are made automatically on the last business day of the month. Make sure you provide the correct payment details! To do so, please go to your Affiliate profile (, go under the "Payment System" tab and click "Add Payment System" button. Fill in the details and you're good to go!

Commission model

Our company provides a very attractive referral program ( We are ready to share with every referrer 10% from our profit for each transaction that your referrals will complete on our website. Invite more people, generate higher volume and earn up to 20% in our multi-tier referral program! You can read more information here: