How does it work?

How to buy Bitcoin with Credit or Debit Card instantly 

  1. Prepare the wallet in which you wish to receive the Bitcoins you buy on If you don’t yet have one, you need to create a new wallet. recommends Electrum walletBlockchain wallet and Trezor wallet

    After creating your Bitcoin wallet, you need to get your wallet address – Bitcoin addresses look like the following: 1Jn5ZsGV4w1q5fySq7GrpjzrvRyuMLneAB (please note that this address is for sample purposes only, you need to get your own address for your wallet)

  2. On the homepage, you are now set to buy Bitcoin with a credit or debit card – VISA/MasterCard accepted. First, you need to enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy – please specify either the BTC amount or USD amount you want to buy with your credit or debit card. Alternatively, you can specify the amount you want to spend with your credit or debit card.

  3. If you are performing a transaction on for the first time, you will need to complete the verification process. Please specify your personal information and address, and upload an ID document. Verification of your account usually takes less than 15 minutes. If you are performing your 2nd transaction, no verification is needed. You will be able to buy Bitcoins with a credit or debit card instantly.

  4. Please be assured that all your data is safely secured and stored with no access to the internet. Even you will not be able to review your uploaded documents.

  5. After your account has been verified, you will be able to make a payment and get your Bitcoins instantly.