Restricted locations

Due to the specifics of its business, Paybis follows the international security standards of crypto-asset service providers. Therefore, Paybis does not provide services in high-risk jurisdictions that have significant strategic deficiencies in their regimes to counter money laundering, terrorist financing, and financing of proliferation. We also do not provide our services in jurisdictions subject to international sanctions. Please note that the list of restricted jurisdictions is constantly changing, so it may be possible for us to provide services to you in the future.

We cannot provide our services to the residents of the following Countries/States:

  1. New York (US State)
    Hawaii (US State)
    We do provide our services in the rest of the US

  2. Abkhazia

  3. Afghanistan

  4. Albania

  5. Barbados

  6. Burkina Faso

  7. Cambodia

  8. Cayman Islands

  9. Crimea

  10. Cuba

  11. Haiti

  12. Iran

  13. Iraq

  14. Jamaica

  15. Jordan

  16. Mali

  17. Malta

  18. Morocco

  19. Myanmar

  20. Nicaragua

  21. North Korea

  22. Northern Cyprus

  23. Pakistan

  24. Palestine

  25. Panama

  26. Philippines

  27. Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

  28. Senegal

  29. Somalia

  30. South Ossetia

  31. South Sudan

  32. Sudan

  33. Syria

  34. Turkey

  35. Uganda

  36. United Arab Emirates

  37. Vanuatu

  38. Yemen

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