For additional verification, the system may request you to verify your debit/credit card

1. Take a picture of your bank card, so that all information is clearly visible.

Please make sure that there is no flashlight or shadows that may cover the information, as in this case, the system will not accept the card.
Kindly note that you may cover your security code and middle digits on the card, but the first 6 and last 4 digits should be visible, as well, as your name surname, and expiry date. You are allowed to hide sensitive information by using a piece of paper or a sticky note, etc. The system will automatically mask the middle digits of your card once you upload the photo.
Edited pictures will not be accepted, therefore, please upload original photos.

2. Pass the liveness (video selfie)

Important! Using specific cards may cause some difficulties with verification. Please follow the advice below for each case:

If your card has information on 2 sides, please upload both of them to proceed. You may start with the front side and once it is rejected, you will be able to upload the back side, and any other additional information requested by the system.

If your card is virtual or has no name on it, please upload it nevertheless, then add a screenshot from your bank account, app, or e-wallet account with your card details and your name visible on it. You may also provide a bank statement with the missing information.
Usually, the rejection message will indicate which additional information is required.

Do not use any editing software; it has to be an original photo.
Do not attempt using your friend's or relative's card - it might result in your account being suspended.

Please contact our support team via chat when all information has been uploaded, but you still receive a rejection message. The agents will look into it and clarify what the issue could be.

Advice for selfie verification:

Usually, if you are getting stuck on the selfie verification page, it means that you either do not have permission for your browser to use the camera on your device or you might be using Proxy/VPN or Browser Extensions like AdBlock or any other software which can block some content on the Internet or hide your location. We advise you to check your permissions in your device's settings and disable any browser extensions prior to attempting a selfie verification. Also, you can try to open our verification page in incognito mode, in a different browser, or on a different device.

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