Paybis strongly condemns cybercrime and we do everything we can to fight it.

We keep track of well-known scam wallets in order to block the transactions going to scammers. Unfortunately, we are not able to stop all of them and since the recipient wallet is not under our control, we are not able to return the money to you. If your contact person is no longer responding to you, most likely you have been scammed. We strongly recommend reporting a case to your local police as well as by visiting the following cyber authority sites:

Australia -
United Kingdom -
United Arab Emirates:

If you purchased bitcoins, file the report here:

What to do if you shared your personal data with a 3rd party (ex. Anydesk, Teamviewer, any other remote access software)

First, we suggest you call your bank and request blocking your card or changing your password in case the scammer has access to your bank account.
Second, we recommend you report that to your local police station since your documents might be compromised as well as your computer.
Third, please install a licensed antivirus and scan your computer for viruses since a scammer could have installed harmful software on your computer. Changing passwords and implementing 2FA Security on all your accounts will also help you to keep your accounts safe.

Please find some advice on how to protect yourself from scams here.

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