To pass liveness verification, you have to have a working web or mobile camera.

You will be asked to record a short video of yourself—it will take just a couple of seconds.

Please use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari (on iOS), or any other browser.
Note: if you are passing the check via desktop, for the best experience we would recommend using Google Chrome.

Due to iOS restrictions, it is only possible to pass the liveness check using Safari.

We made it possible to complete the verification using just one or both of your devices. Start the verification on the desktop and smoothly switch to mobile with the help of a QR code and a link.

The picture below shows how to switch between the devices. A link or a QR code will lead you to pick up the verification process from where you have left it.

1. Once you have entered the verification process, we will ask you to read a warning about scammers and fraudsters.
2. Before you start liveness verification, read a brief instruction on how to pass the check. Make sure that it is not too dark in a place you are taking a selfie.
3. Once you are ready, click “I'M READY”.

4. If prompted by your browser, allow access to your camera.

Note: If your web mobile camera wasn't switched on automatically or it is simply not working, click here.

5. Follow the instructions that you see on the screen: position your face in the frame and move your head in a circle.

6. Success! The system has taken a perfect shot. Now, to finish the check, you will just have to click “Next”.
7. Once you have passed the verification, your selfie is going to be submitted for review which usually takes from 1 to 3 minutes. The information about your check result will be shown on the last screen, as you can see in the picture below.

What if something goes wrong?

If the system cannot process your face data due to some issues, for example, poor lighting, it will ask you to repeat the check. It will once again show you how to position your face.

Now you are ready! Good luck with the check and don’t forget that our customer support team is always there to help. Select "Account & Verification" -> "Issues with verification" and our agent will look into it.

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