To start using our services, you are required to create an account with us.
Your email address serves as your username so that we can easily identify you and help you with any questions you might have. Please make sure you have access to the email address you are registering with.
Kindly read through our terms of service and privacy policy to learn more about us and the way we work.

In order to use our exchange, you have to verify your identity first.

DO NOT proceed with verification in the following cases:

  • Someone is promising you too good of a deal or huge returns on investments

  • Someone is controlling your device or guiding you through the process

If you are unsure whether or not you are a potential scam victim - let us know immediately - our experts will be able to evaluate your case individually.
Read more about popular scams here.

Please go through a list of restricted locations to see if we are able to provide our services to you.

Now you are ready to start with your identity verification

Follow the on-screen instructions:
Take a photo of your selected document in good quality and upload it.
-> We do not accept screenshots or edited photos, so please make sure you upload the original.
->All 4 corners should be visible, all text on the document should be readable.

The better the quality, the higher your chances of getting automatic approval within 5 minutes.

Complete the liveness check.
First, face your camera. Make sure your face stays entirely within the frame.
Slowly move your head right, left, up, and down to complete a 3D scan.
Read more about liveness.
Check what to do if your camera is not working.

Add your address: country, city, state (if applicable), address line, and postcode.

Finally, wait for the verification to be approved automatically. The system check usually takes up to 5 minutes. Once it is completed, you can proceed with buying cryptocurrency.

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