You might receive a call or an email from someone claiming to be from Blockchain. They could say they discovered your wallet with Bitcoins worth thousands and request you to deposit some amount to be able to withdraw.
Please DO NOT TRUST them. You should only expect a contact if you asked for help on their official website using a live chat or ticketing system.
If you have never created a wallet, there is no chance you have one.
There are no activity requirements for the wallets.
Carefully read the terms and conditions or user agreement of any website you decide to use and spend money on.
Analyze the email address the message is received from. It might have a slightly different name than the official site. Also, Protonmail is often used by scammers.
Read about common red flags here.

A recent example is from a customer who contacted us for advice and avoided being scammed.

A customer received a notification withdrawal from Blockchain with the following issues that are mandatory to be able to withdraw his money from Blockchain wallet:

1) Make sure you have minimum required activity on our Crypto-wallet by performing incoming and outgoing transactions.
2) In order to match the requirements, the Blockchain security team has generated the special address which is linked to your wallet.
3) Temporarily deposit an amount of 0.122 BTC on your wallet portfolio balance.
4) Send the amount of 0.122 BTC to your own address which is specially generated in order to not keep any amount on it.
5) Wait for the automated security 0 - 3 Minutes to return 0.122 BTC back to your portfolio balance.

All cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible. If you send funds to an unknown wallet thinking it is yours - be ready to never see your money again.

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